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President Message

The ideas and virtues of educationists, philosophers and thinkers of Agarwal Samaj have inspired us to contribute in child education and welfare. In this direction the first step was the registration of ‘Agarwal Sabha’ in 1989. The aim of the sabha is to impart quality education to all the learners based on equality and excellence. Read More >>        

Principal Message

A nation needs decisive, resolute and forceful leadership. The children are the building blocks of a nation. The fate of a country depends on the students; they are the future citizen and masters of the land. They are the wealth, pride and hope of country . What a nation would be in future depends how are young men and women would themselves be in early part of their life? It is out of these student that a country can have outstanding scientists, astronomers, soldiers, politicians, scholars, writers, thinkers, sages and so on. Read More >>        

Manager Message

Since you are the hope of country and dream of your parents, it is my earnest desire to provide you an environment which instills in you a feeling of pride, self-reliance and determination. It is my since effort to offer you a quality education which will help you to reach at the top of ladder of success, not only in terms of merely gaining theoretical knowledge but also getting acquainted with the practical way of life which is the need of hour. I would like to add:- Read More >>        
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