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President Message
On the outset, I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020.
I feel blessed and humbled to chair the position of the President of Maharaja Agrasen Public School, Meham. While I thank every soul who has trusted me and my abilities, I also bow down before the Almighty who has bestowed me this opportunity.

Maharaja Agrasen who founded Agroha city has to his credit the prosperity of the Agarwal society which believes in doing something good for the society and its people.As I belong to the same society, I feel blessed that I have got a chance to gift prosperity to my MAPSian family. I believe- that the school will grow and flourish as an institution and also as an example to show the road ahead to those innumerable young souls who look towards MAPS with dreams in their eyes and that there are miles to go before I sleep… there are miles to go before I sleep!

With blessings from every stake holder including the Almighty, I believe I can decorate the crown of this school with the jewel of academic excellence during my tenure.

Shri Anil Rai Goyal
Aggarwal Sabha (Regd.) Meham