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Principal Message

Work without vision is like a drive without a destination. Namaskar and Season’s Greetings to my dearest Students and their most revered Parents.
It is indeed a matter of honor than pride to assume the seat in Maharaja Agrasen Public School run by Agarwal Sabha in Meham as a Principal.
I thank the President and the Management members with whom I am associated for this opportunity and also the parents, who are the pillars of the school.
. In my last public interaction, I have presented my dream for MAPS 2025 where in I spoke about a few areas which I would want to work on and in. As a message for the new session, I put forth a few key points in a summarized manner:

a. Stronger and improved Academic Focus: MAPS is known for its quality and we are committed to it. It would start with a strong team of teachers wherein a few key teachers will be recruited from Eastern and Southern part of India. Taking it forward, we have adopted Curriculum system and have started training teachers from January 2020.
b. Innovation: a step towards innovation starts with a step itself. With robotics lab we have put forth a step into the same direction. As a Principal and a teacher, my focus has been, is and will always be on creativity and entrepreneurial activities. A push in this direction will open the doors to new ventures which may at a later stage, stem unemployment issues and make our Nation, a supreme Nation.
c. Competitive and Professional courses: Chartered, Medical or Defense services – we plan to provide platform for everything competitive and that which can help a child design a career.
d. NCC, Scout and Guides: Processed file for NCC and Scouts and Guides. Activities will start soon.
e. Sports Infrastructure: Additions to sports infrastructure have only strengthened the existing infrastructure and our aim is to create teams for games at District, State and National Level. A self defense class and Yoga class by our able Physical Education Trainers is yet another feather we have added to our cap. An additional period for games after departure for teachers is being mulled so that they too, remain fit and motivated to teach what they preach. Fitness for all is the idea behind this step.

Desiraju Durga Surya Sai Kumar